14th Meeting of Bone Biology Forum in 2017

 All attendees of the Bone Biology Forum 2017 are invited to submit poster session abstracts. Poster sessions will be held on Aug 18, evening.
 If you wish to submit an abstract for the poster session, please complete and return the abstract form to the secretariat via e-mail (bbf@ac-square.co.jp) by
July 21(Fri.), August 16(Wed.), 2017.

Related fields based on the bone metabolism such as the following topics.
Osteoblastic cells, Osteoclastic cells, Vitamin D, Phosphate metabolism, Calcium metabolism, Osteoporosis, Bone cells.

Poster Guideline
1) Poster Session Time schedule
 Display : 12:00-13:00, Aug 18, Friday.
 Discussion : 17:20-19:00, Aug 18, Friday.
 Removal : 15:00-16:00, Aug 19, Saturday.

2) Display
- Poster Board Size is 90 cm x 160 cm as below.

- Presentation number (20cm x 20cm) will be prepared by Secretariat.
- Pins for mounting will be available on your poster board.

3) Duration of presentation
- Now in preparation.

4) Poster removal
- Any posters remaining over the removal time will be disposed of by the secretariat.

Poster Award
BBF will cover the travel expenses for the Best Poster Award winners.
Award will be given to presentations which were selected by Organizers.

If there is anything unclear, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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